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The fall market in Montgomery, Alabama-Autauga, Elmore, Lowndes

Is there a fall selling market?  I say yes.  In my 15 years of selling homes I have always had buyers and sellers.  There is generally a lag in august as back to school gets everyone busy.  The we have High School football (Friday night lights) and the NFL football season.  Then there is the SEC season in the southeast which is legendary!  Auburn, Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss, -you name it.  But it all settles into a routine.  Those who have no tight deadline feel there is more negotiating room in the fall as the Spring market is so busy.  Additionally, first time home buyers are more tied to lease or rental agreements than school time lines.  So i am counting on selling another 5 listings before 12/31/2018 and getting a minimum of 5 buyers under contract and sold.  Looking for a banner year.  Oh by the way-I am never to busy for your referrals!!!!

I love my job!


I have used Facebook as a means of letting people know me, my family, trends in business, as well as following them on Facebook.  I am going to blog a little here and there to express some of these.  I suspect I'll be copying and pasting some information (and obviously giving credit to the source).  So here I go into the world of blogging.......interesting fact I did not know--if you do not put a capital F on  Facebook it shows as being mis-spelled.  I rely heavily on spell check!!!

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